Jorda rundt oktober 2011 - mars 2012 / Weltreise Oktober 2011 - März 2012

Vi er en familie på fem, som reiser jorda rundt fra oktober 2011 til mars 2012 og med hjelp av denne bloggen vil vi dele opplevelser med venner og familie. Siden vi er flere som skriver innlegg, står navnet til "skribenten" angitt i overskrifta.

Our family of five travelled around the world from October 2011 to March 2012 and in order to be able to share our experiences with family and friends we established this blog. Since we are several "authors" the posts start with a name and are labeled.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Climbing the Dolomites: Rosengarten/Santnerpass

Finally we get to start the via ferrata Santnerpass! We meant to take the chair lift from Frommeralm up to Kölner Hütte (which is also refered to as Rosengartenhütte or Rif A. Fronza), but they went on a lunch break just as we arrived! So we walked up the hill, which took us 40 minutes less than the sign suggested.

Even though this route is marked as a via ferrata and security gear is obligatory, surprisingly few parts actually offer a wire to attach oneself to. Also other climbers that we met on the way were rather stressed out about this. Luckily we had extra rope and carabiner hooks with us to establish a roped party.

Progress was slow and about 20 minutes from the Santnerpass-Hütte/ Rif. Santner, we decided to turn around. It was late and we had just seen falling rocks. That turned out to be a good decision since we climbed back in the evening sun rather than in the shade on the other side of the mountain and later we learned that the hut had been closed anyway.

The mountains looked amazingly beautiful in the setting sun!

So happy!

At this time of day (9 o'clock) it is easy to see why they call this range the Rose Garden!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Climbing the Dolomites: Rodella

To reach this via ferrata we drove to Sella Joch. Also this is a relatively short walk and climb but much more advanced. (C).

Officially this route is recommended for age 13 and up, so Axel double-secured Lea (age 7) by rope, which allowed him to draw her up where she could not reach.

Niklas (age 11) had no trouble and a lot of fun!


It was such a strange feeling to find the Rif. Rodella at the top (2484m) where we could order from a surprisingly varied menu. From there we simply walked back down a broad path on the other side of the mountain to the parking lot.

Climbing the Dolomites: Grosse Cirspitze/Gran Cir

We drove to Grödner Joch (2121m) and headed up towards the top. After a short walk we reached the via ferrata. It is an easy climb and not everyone used safety gear. Therefor it made for the perfect start to practice the technique.

After about 2 hours we reached the top and were rewarded with a great view!

What goes up must come down...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Northern Norway

This summer we decided to head north and discovered amazing "Nordland". We started out in Trondheim, where we live and drove up the E6 as far north as Hamarøy.
I will let the pictures speak for themselves:
At the "lakseakvarium" near Grong. Admission is free.

Lakseforsen. When we were here 15 years ago, we could see the salmon jump up this georgeous waterfall,
so not seeing ANY this time was a bit of a let-down...

This picture was taken from an E6 rest area near the Korkfjell - tunnel.

Subterranean waterfall in Grønligrotta (Røsvoll, near Mo i Rana).
This cave is the only one in Norway that is lit and guided tours are on offer every 2 hours during tourist season.

Exploring Setergrotta, which is right next to Grønligrotta.

We went on a great hike from Storvollen to Bredek (north of Mo i Rana), crossing several spectacular hanging bridges,

Taking a break at Bredek.

Crossing the last bridge in Stormdalen, befor the hike ends at the E6.

On our way to Engeløya i Steigen.

Having fun at the beach! (Bøsanden on Engeløya)

Fantastic Bøsanden with its fine, white sand and Trohornet in the background.

We caught a good-size cod from land!
Family-picture outside the Arctic-Circle-Centre.

One of many art pieces that are place in the area. To see this one by Per Barclay you have to come to Fauske.

Brennviksanden, Steigen. We took a long walk along the beach and all the way to the right-hand-corner of this picture, where the path ended at....
... this unique little hut. Doesn't the wood-carving remind you of New Zealand's Moari art - or is that just me?

One of many pristine beaches in Kyllingmark, Hamarøy.

This was one of THE most amazing experiences of the whole trip: Standing on a hanging bridge in Rago National Park, where a calm lake plummets down a huuuuge waterfall!

This is a family-picture with that same water-fall in the background. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Torrent de Pareis/Mallorca

It has now been 3 years since we left home to go around the world for almost 5 months. Back to every-day-life all we get of an autumn-break is a week, so we made evrey day count!
We went to Mallorca with SAS via Copenhagen. We stayed in the South of the island in the beautiful town of Colonia San Jodi. There are beautiful beaches in every direction. Of these Es Trenc is best known.
This post, however, is about a trip we took to the mountains in the North of the island.
We followed the windy and partly very narrow road "Sa Cobra". Stunning!

A path led along the coast and through a cave to a (not altogether) dry riverbed.

We had a snack by the sea before we went deeper and deeper into the canyon in the background.

The rock formations were fascinating.

The canyon became more and more narrow...


...and more and more climbing was involved. (Not quite as advanced as in the last picture, though. Here Lea is attempting to climb up the vertical canyon walls.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dovre mountains/Norway

After we had traveled in Germany last year to show the kids our home country, we decided to stay in Norway this year to show them more of their home country.
The first stop was the Dovre mountains, but even though the kids had been there five years ago none of them remembered much...
Oppdal is where most people stay in cabins, campsites, hostels or at the Skifer Hotel. Oppdal has an indoor pool, bowling, a shopping center, restaurants and cafes and Opplev Oppdal offers rafting, juving, a zip line ... - but we were not after all that, so we went on to Kongsvold. They offer rooms as well as traditional food and will organize guided tours to see muskox.

Coming from Oppdal on the E6 there is parking right past Kongsvold fjellstue on the left hand side of the road. Across from there a path takes you into "muskox country". If you are lucky you meet one (or several) after only minutes of walking - or even see them when driving by on the road. We met a couple who told us they met muskoxen an hours walk away and so we decided to turn around and visit the botanical mountain garden instead. It is right above the parking strip and is a collection of all the plants of the area, offering the Latin, Norwegian and German names.
The view from the botanical garden, with Kongsvold fjellstue in the background.

We drove on a little further along the E6 to Hjerkinn. Here you follow the sings for the viewpoint "Snøhetta". From a spacious parking lot you walk or cycle up the mountains along a wide path for about 30 - 45min. . Stone slaps take you through time from the first settlements till today.
At the end of the path you get to this amazing building. It is open to everyone and offers unique architecture, benches, a floating fireplace and an amazing view over the mountains, especially Snøhetta.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sundsvall 2012

We spent a wonderful, sunny week in Sundsvall, Sweden.
That is about 450km from Trondheim, where we live and so it takes us only a day to tow the caravan to Bergafjärden Camping og havsbad.
Here the kids find a large,sandy beach and shallow water. (If you are a passionate swimmer this is not the place for you, since you will have to walk far before it gets deep enough).
The surrounding pine forrest is great for walks, jogging, blueberry-picking...
The coastal road kystvägen offers many places to visit: There are numerous beaches, small fishing villages, restaurants and cafès, museums...

By far our favourite place is Galtsrømbruk! It is such a friendly place full of flair.
There is an old farming museum, where the kids can climb antic tractors till we contiue on to the historical iron works. At restaurant and cafe they not only serve GREAT food but also keep the kids happy with a little playground, their own play-room and rabbits, cats and chicken to run after and feed.
(To judge by the waitress' reaction, the free-range chicken under the tables were not really meant to be there...)