Jorda rundt oktober 2011 - mars 2012 / Weltreise Oktober 2011 - März 2012

Vi er en familie på fem, som reiser jorda rundt fra oktober 2011 til mars 2012 og med hjelp av denne bloggen vil vi dele opplevelser med venner og familie. Siden vi er flere som skriver innlegg, står navnet til "skribenten" angitt i overskrifta.

Our family of five travelled around the world from October 2011 to March 2012 and in order to be able to share our experiences with family and friends we established this blog. Since we are several "authors" the posts start with a name and are labeled.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Climbing the Dolomites: Rosengarten/Santnerpass

Finally we get to start the via ferrata Santnerpass! We meant to take the chair lift from Frommeralm up to Kölner Hütte (which is also refered to as Rosengartenhütte or Rif A. Fronza), but they went on a lunch break just as we arrived! So we walked up the hill, which took us 40 minutes less than the sign suggested.

Even though this route is marked as a via ferrata and security gear is obligatory, surprisingly few parts actually offer a wire to attach oneself to. Also other climbers that we met on the way were rather stressed out about this. Luckily we had extra rope and carabiner hooks with us to establish a roped party.

Progress was slow and about 20 minutes from the Santnerpass-Hütte/ Rif. Santner, we decided to turn around. It was late and we had just seen falling rocks. That turned out to be a good decision since we climbed back in the evening sun rather than in the shade on the other side of the mountain and later we learned that the hut had been closed anyway.

The mountains looked amazingly beautiful in the setting sun!

So happy!

At this time of day (9 o'clock) it is easy to see why they call this range the Rose Garden!


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